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Lirik Lagu Obsession May

December 31, 2016

Lirik Lagu Obsession May

Lirik Lagu Obsession May

You came in i just don't realise
telling me with your
soft blowing whisper
i'm so confused

don't know what to do
But wanna be with you all alone
recite me all the things i never know
that this love is meano for you and l

l soo began to wonder
as time passes by
l hear you echo
calling ou my name

wish that you ll be
my side again
l reach out my hand
and start to cry

yo go to show yourself to me
miror on the wall
don't hide your love behind face
visualize obsession by the love of

fee5 my heart my soul
close my eyes
show me your devotion
l ve seen the light l know

you were there
to mend this broken heart
dry my tears
l'ts running down my face.

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